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Saturday, August 4, 2007

USA Riddled With ADD!!

I was going to say that the whole world is riddled with ADD, but quite
honestly, do you think that in any other country in the world, less than six
years after a horrendous attack on their soil they would even question
whether or not they were at war? I don't. Democratic presidential hopeful
John Edwards thinks that the war that was declared in 1993 (remember, they
tried to bring down the World Trade Center once before) is nothing more than
a political bumper sticker slogan. I guess he didn't know (or know about, or
care about) any of the 3,000 people who were killed on 9/11. Fine... but
don't try to run my country. Maybe he's counting on the fact that while
radical Islam is alive and well in the heart of America (Hezbollah openly
rallies in Dearborn, Michigan, and who objects?), most people here don't
seem to care, because it's got nothing to do with Britney, Lindsay, Nicole,
or Harry Potter. Sounds like a case of mass Attention Deficit Disorder. Only
thing is, if Joe and Jane Public had nothing but typical clinical ADD, we
could give them a shot of Ritalin, and they'd be fine. But what they've got
is far worse. They've got an attention span that doesn't last more than an
hour. They've forgotten 1993. They've forgotten 9/11. They've forgotten Iran
attacking our embassy. (Ahmadenijad has been recognized as one of the
'students' who took those hostages). They've forgotten Iran's pledge to wipe
us out. They've forgotten that Al Qaeda has killed countless Americans, as
well as free citizens all over the world. They even tell us that they're
planning another. Maybe if Bin Laden or Al Zawahiri posted on youtube,
people would care. Maybe if they produced greenhouse gases, we could get
Sheryl Crow and George Clooney to join the war. But no. It's just a bumper
sticker. And an old one at that. So tell me something. When the next bumper
sticker shows up in the form of a dirty bomb, say in Los Angeles, will it be
an issue again? I suppose that depends on what Britney Spears is up to that

Don't think, by the way, that I blame Britney for distracting us from the
war. I think she's no more or less important than anyone else, and I think
that if it weren't for her and her peers, the paparazzi would actually have
to work for a living. Most of the trash magazines (Us, Life and Style, and
so on) wouldn't exist, and we'd have a few more trees to produce oxygen. And
the vampires at TMZ might just shut down. So yeah, these girls are obviously
attracting the attention of the blood-suckers I've named, but they still
have the choice to print their rubbish or not. You know, if a rapist says
"she was asking for it", we rightly condemn them. If a scandal rag says the
same thing, we agree, and buy up their filth like its going out of style.

What has one thing got to do with the other? 3,000 people get slaughtered by
an enemy who promises to do more and we call it a bumper sticker. A girl
gets drunk, and we splash it all over the front page and ask ourselves "How
could this happen?". As a people, we've got a pitiful attention span. We are
riddled with ADD on a mass scale, and odds are it'll take another massacre
on our soil before we remember we're at war.

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