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Saturday, November 27, 2010

GOD-ly Talk: Thanksgiving and the Reason for the Season

Just so you know, I'm not a preacher or minister of any kind. I'm not educated on the bible, and I'm not the most reverent person on the planet. I'm a sinner and I constantly struggle to be a better person. In short, I'm no expert. But I believe that we all have the key to our salvation within us. We have all the answers we need to go to heaven.

Not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving, and some celebrate it on different days. I even know some people who feel that it commemorates a bad thing. Fair enough, if you are an American Indian, and view the arrival of Europeans as a bad thing. But the simple concept of setting aside a day to give thanks for the blessings that we have is always a good thing.

For myself, I have seen far more difficult times, so I have perspective. I understand that while my situation, the small home and savings that my family depends upon is not ideal, it is sufficient. We pay our rent and bills, are able to feed ourselves, save a very small amount, and have a bit of fun. I got my job during a hiring freeze, and we have managed to find a bit to donate to a very few worthy charities. So while we could be more comfortable, we are happy to have a home and family and the ability to look after ourselves. For that we are very thankful. I personally have been without all that and dependent upon others for food and shelter. As I said, I have perspective.

As always happens this time of year, we are being bombarded with ads on television for the Christmas shopping season, and while I understand the economic need for businesses to try to make as much money as they can, the same people who were forced to accept a charity Thanksgiving meal will also know that this media blitz and dream of the latest gadget is not for them. Unfortunately, success in the western world is now equated with the gadgets you can buy and the price tags under the Christmas tree. So the unfortunate in our society will be left out, and will have a very difficult and most likely depressing holiday season. But presents and commercialism are not the reasons for the season. Celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ is. And that's free.

So if you are depressed because you can't afford the latest smartphone or if your family won't be playing the Wii on Christmas morning, remember first that you were given an amazing gift. The creator of the universe gave his only begotten son so that you could be forgiven for your sins. This gift was given to you, personally. Enjoy the knowledge of salvation and everlasting life and forgiveness for your sins that God gave to you personally. I do. Sure, I'm looking forward to a book and maybe just maybe a small second-hand gadget. But the real gift was given to me and my family long, long ago, before any of us were born. And I'm pretty happy about that.

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