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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Miss Ginny's Diary April 20th 2010

Hello there and it has been a couple of weeks since HM and I have written my diary. Things have been a little crazy here. My sister ShooShoo and I have been fighting a bit and now we don’t talk. I don’t like being woken up with noise and I don’t like her sniffing at me when I am asleep. Right now it is early evening and HM said she would write my diary for me if I wanted. Grandma Carrie has joined us. She looks frail but she is also able to jump about on the boxes and stacker bins that HM is trying to sort out. HM was hoping to leave before it gets to hot in the desert south west and it is starting to do this. HM thought she would get us a couple of new traveling cages – that will be nice as long as she puts my favorite blankie in them. The weather is ok now where we are going and it is not to cold for us to travel. There are sirens about tonight and they are noisy and ShooShoo hisses at them when they pass. She has also taken to hissing at our neighbor and he is a quiet man who just grins at her. She and HM got into it about this. So my sister hissed at HM and so HM hissed back. It looked a bit odd that a human hissed a cat. I think HD thinks we are quite crazy. He may be right?! HM has been busy and a little depressed. She has been tired and as she said watching to much late night TV. The household has got a sewing machine and HM was happy about this. It is interesting to watch it. I didn’t like the noise at first. HM said it is old but in good working order and she is going to make us some little traveling coats out of some old blankies. I did ask for a pink one way back but I don’t think it will get this color because HM does not want to cut up the one pink-colored blankie that we have. HM likes to cook and we have had some nice chicken lately. I like fish and am waiting till we get to our new home and HM and HD go fishing and bring us back some yummy food. HM just asked me why I am not playing much with my sister. Well she has gone over to playing mostly with GAD and I like to hang around with HM in the kitchen. She put a pic of me in her cooking column this past week. If you want to have a look at it you can go to House Abukoff’s blog site and check out the latest cooking column. It is windy here tonight and going to be cold tomorrow. The weather is changing all the time. It was very hot last weekend and now we have another storm coming in. Where we are going has storms of all kinds and HM said they will have to get a bed on legs so that we can run under it if we get a little nervous. HD brought us home some Scooby snacks from the supermarket recently. I love them so much they are so yummy. HM says we can’t live on them all the time. We have to have a balanced diet whatever that means.

This is HM now – Ginny just went chasing a plastic bottle top into the bathroom. Here is a pic of her that was taken recently. She was in the middle of cleaning her paws. She is my great pride and joy. She may be a little prissy but she really is a sweetheart. Take care out there folks. Bye :)

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