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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Miss Ginny's Diary April 4th 2010

Meow to you from me, Miss Ginny. It is a nice Saturday evening and most of us are asleep. HM is doing my writing for me and watching a movie as well. I am not sure how she does it but she says that women can multi-task very well. I don’t know what this means. My sister ShooShoo and I are still not getting on very well. She prefers to play with GAD (Great Aunt Daisy) these days and that’s fine because I have had a few games with my cat mother, Lapper. No one plays with Lapper very much and we had a great chasing game today. The wind is making a howling noise outside the window. HM says it sounds like a coyote. I know what coyote dogs look like. We had a big scare a few days ago. HM was outside on the balcony with Grandma Carrie as she likes to go out and roll around for a while. HM could see something flying down the street towards them and it turned out to be a huge black vulture. As the vulture flew past them at rooftop level, it turned and looked at Grandma Carrie and stopped its flight and settled on power lines and looked down at both of them. HM picked up GC and put her inside straight away and then went out and had loud words at the vulture. We have seen a few vultures lately which are unusual in the town. HM says that each animal, bird and fish has its place in nature but vultures are not something she wants around her and GC. GC is doing quite well right now – she gave us all another scare recently as she has what HM calls one of her ‘frail days’. She can get around okay and climbs around inside very well. I like to leap and jump and HD says that I will never be a fat cat because I am always on the move when I am awake. HM says I could do with a bit more fat around me as she thinks I am to thin. I have got a nice cane laundry basked to sleep in with my special blankie. HD says I am spoilt. Sometimes HM calls me No. 6 as I was the last born of Lapper’s 6 kittens. HM often talks about the kittens that we left behind when we returned to America. HD reminds her that our animal doctor there found really good farm homes for them. We pray for them frequently and hope that they may remember us in their thoughts. My sister is stretched out on a chair with her head out flat in front and all her legs tucked in and her tail as well. It looks a bit strange but at least she is quiet as HM just said. During last week our vacuum cleaner decided to cease working as HM put it. She said we did not need the expense of a new one right now and so we got one at an auction. HD says it looks like something out of Star Trek. I don’t like the noise of these cleaners; in fact, I don’t like noise at all. When HD and HM are laughing at something, I always make a point of going across and telling them about it. I usually go eyeball to eyeball with HD and meow loudly at HM. She says I am prissy but cute. Grandma has joined us here on the big bed. She is cleaning all her paws and picking at her claws. HM cant stand the noise of the claw cleaning. She says it sounds like a fingernail on a blackboard.

The picture this week is my sister ShooShoo, hanging down over one of the stacker bins watching HM. She does sit in strange ways as I said earlier. Sometimes we have our differences but my sister is my best friend and I am happy that she is with me.

Take care and be well and many meows to you. Bye for now from me, Miss Ginny.

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