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Saturday, July 10, 2010


My oh my, has it been hot in the desert south west (USA) where we are currently based. The animal family sharing it with us, is handling it ok drinking lots of water and lying around, in behind the drawn curtains with a myriad of extra fans, bowls of ice and cool water. We find that the cats in particular, seem to sense (despite air conditioning) that the weather is at a high peak outside and they love to sleep on their backs in front of their fans. They also drink in strange places especially out of the bath tap! So when we came across this week’s pic we just had to use it. This is an outstanding balancing act – we loved it. To the owners of this enterprising cat, lucky you. Its fun to have an animal with character. All animals have their quirks and their fun side but this guy is great!

If you live in rural areas and it is a hot day, we would like to suggest that you find an old bowl and put it out, full of water in a shaded area for any animals that live outside or may be passing by. Next week we are taking a little trip to an ice flow.

God bless you and stay safe. Staff Desk.

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