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Friday, July 16, 2010


Isn’t this a great pic? We found it while checking one of our twitter accounts. It came in from one of the NASA twitter bots that we have. The walrus is a wonderful animal and is part of the equally wonderful chain of nature. They can be quite comical and also quite dangerous if you annoy them on a beach. Most of us will be unlikely to come across them in the wild except for those lucky folk who live near the coastal areas in Alaska. There is a film 50 First Dates that has a classic example of the zany ways a walrus can behave if they have the right handler. The film is very good but the walrus takes a star turn indeed, in front of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore – excellent actors though they are. Our oceans and the creatures in them deserve our constant care and attention. If our oceans become polluted then we are all in trouble. There are some really good coastal preservation groups around the globe and they are worth supporting.

Take care out there and for those of you in the United States, remember to drink lots of water and be careful if you have to go outside in the very high temperatures that this great country is enduring as we write this.

Bless you.

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