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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Miss Ginny's Diary July 10th 2010

Meow to you out there. Well it is hot hot hot here in the desert south west of the USA. We all have our own little fans plus the air conditioning which is, as HM says, belching! In this high heat it is important to drink a lot and we have our own ice bowls and cool water bowls. HM likes to put out water bowls for outside creatures so they can take a drink or in some of the bowls, they take a swim, especially the little birds. When we were living our own place, HM likes to put on the outside sprinkler and the little birds used to fly through the water holding their wings up to get a little water on their feathers and then they would sit in the trees preening and cleaning their feathers and chirping away. I would sit and talk to them through the windows. We have been behaving a bit better although yesterday both ShooShoo and I got told off by HM for what she called being too aggressive in our play. I admit we ended up yelling at each other. It was HD’s day off and HM likes a quiet household for him. He works hard and his work has been particularly busy. Grandma Carrie (GC) is coming up another birthday – she will be about 19 years which is 171 human years. That is really old and HM says to stop playing with her tail, and to leave out aggressive play to areas of the house where she is sleeping which is mostly what she does all day. She is worrying HM because she is thin although she eats a lot and probably eats more than I do. Her teeth are good – she has lost one of her front fangs and her dark gray coat is shiny. She is always cleaning and when she had kittens about 15 years ago or so HM thinks, she apparently kept them really well and was a strict mum. We were supposed to have left the desert south west and go north to the northern prairies of Dakota but HD’s transfer is looking more like we will be going west to the state of California. HM’s not sure about this but she says it will be cooler near the coast. It all depends on HD’s bosses. I like being near the ocean. We used to live in the Pacific Islands and there were lots of fish to eat and lots of seabirds to meow at.

Here is a pic of GC to honor her. She really is a cool old lady cat and we were both walking over some stuff that HM was sorting out. Take care out there and be well and HM says God Bless you all.

Meow from me, Miss Ginny.

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