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Sunday, February 28, 2010


I am spending this Saturday catching up with my columns. For the last 10 days or so I have been coping with a bad cold (I don’t think it was the flu!) which for me is a very rare thing. The last time I can recall having a cold that sent me to my bed was in 1998. In a somewhat mysteriously quirky way I got this cold within a week of having my H1N1 shot. I need a holiday and some serious RandR. My poor husband had a week’s vacation time last week and spent it looking after me. Bless his heart – he makes a great nurse! We are supposed to be getting ready to move to a new town and we seem to be having a series of setbacks, namely the bad cold, a tax return which we were hoping would give us some traveling money and it turned out to be the grand total of $9.46 wow!! – however, we will persevere and march onwards. I looked at the pesky politicians on CNN pretending to be civilized (at times) and thought I just can’t be bothered with them and dealing with a cold. Don’t get me wrong here, I think CNN do an excellent job with their news and I particularly like their Situation Room. So I turned on to the Create Channel and my favourite chefs and I even took a look at the ‘Price is Right’ which I hadn’t looked at for a very long time and was truly fascinated at the interesting human behaviour I witnessed. I suppose though, in these difficult economic times, to win a car or a bedroom of furniture or a trip is enough to make one leap around the stage and clean everyone’s ears out with loud screams. My husband said ‘I wonder if they are thinking about the tax on their winnings?’ Why is it that when you find yourself having to go to bed if you are unwell that all the cats manage to find a space on the bed and snore their heads off and only wake up when you get up to use the bathroom or get a drink and then they all follow you and supervise and return to the bed and juggle themselves around so that they!!! fit in and you are left with the least space. I truly love our cats – a bunch of previously abandoned beauties that have been with us for a long time (the eldest is coming up 18 years). Our 18 year old is the big boss lady in our family. Her right paw makes Rocky Balboa look like an amateur. I periodically threaten to get a dog and am just met with several pairs of eyes with blank looks. I swear that our ShooShoo understands English – whenever I say something she always answers and the others look at her and look at me and think ‘oh yeah, whatever’. So now that I’m well and truly on the mend, I may take a look at those pesky politicians next week and see if they have learnt to work together – my husband (also a writer) just said ‘you’ve got to be kidding’.

I bow to his deference. Take care out there and keep well and safe

Until next time, cheers from Kate.

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