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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Miss Ginny's Diary Feb 4th 2010

Hello there and meow to you from me, Miss Ginny. Well it has been a funny day today. I have decided that HM and HD are quite mad. My sister ShooShoo is also mad. These three have been playing silly faces. ShooShoo likes to talk and when she wakes up and HM always talks to her and makes a return face – in other words if ShooShoo yawns then HM yawns and HD often does to. Then usually my sister gets down and comes over to them and starts a ruckus and a rumble and a mad game is on. Right now I am the only one up and about and everyone else is sleeping. HD is at work and HM is writing. The other thing HM does, is that she pulls kissy faces at me and I just love her but she is crazy sometimes. She says we wake her up to much at night but this is not always my fault. It is usually ShooShoo – she is our burglar alarm and if she hears something at night or if she goes to the bathroom to use our kitty litter box, then she just has to tell us all about it and how good she is because she has been to use the litter box or she wants to tell us that the street cleaning machine has gone past. I have told you before that she hates the street cleaner – poor man. I love my sister but she is also crazy. I do feel sorry for HM because ShooShoo just keeps on and on until HM responds. HM can do this without opening her eyes always, she just tells my sister ‘I hear you ShooShoo – good girl’. HM asked us the other day why we always follow her to the bathroom when she needs to use it. I don’t know why. It’s just that we have always done this wherever we have lived, since we were tiny kittens. I guess we always will. HM says we are both nuts. So everyone in this happy family of ours is nuts and crazy. Fun isn’t it?! Oh here comes Grandma Carrie on the bed. She has been looking to see what is left from our soft food. We get soft food at night and we have plenty of cat biscuits to eat during the day if we want to. We have about 7 weeks left before we move. HM will be pleased. She doesn’t like it where we are and feels that we will all keep better health in the clear cool air of the northern prairies. We have had lots of talks about all the different animals that will be in our new place. At least it will not be so hot in the summer. We live inside and in air conditioning but we may not need air-conditioning where we are going. HM likes the fresh breezes of spring and summer. Where we lived before we all came to America was nice and fresh and not too hot.

Hi there – this is HM. Ginny just curled herself up and went to sleep here on the bed. You can see that she thinks we are all nuts and crazy. Well, we do have those days when everyone feels like having a little fun. Miss Ginny is such a dear little cat. She cares a lot about us and she is quite bossy. She doesn’t like a lot of noise and for some reason she always comes across and stares at us when we laugh. I don’t know why this is but when people laugh she gets quite talkative. Maybe the noise affects her ears. What do you think? I don’t think Miss Ginny and ShooShoo will ever stop following me into the bathroom. You know, even if I go to the bathroom when they are both asleep, then you can bet your life, that they will be their in a flash, scratching at the door to come in. Oh well, it is harmless I guess.

I will say goodbye on behalf of Ginny – she looks so cute.

She will talk to you again soon, bye from her and me, HM.

Oh yes, here is a picture of ShooShoo asleep.

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