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Friday, February 5, 2010

Kapact's Rant: Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste"

Mister Obama's thoughtless and hypocritical comments this past week were but a single example of how this excuse for an administration makes me nostalgic for the clever and razor-sharp moves of the Carter administration, while his continuous efforts to hide his most nefarious deeds makes us all dream of an open and transparent government on the order of, say, the Nixon administration.

We all know (and are reminded every day) that you shouldn't go spending money you don't have. I mean, if my check is a bit short (which it frequently is), I don't pick out a new Blackberry, or buy tickets for Avatar. I'm also not going to plan a big vacation. Even so, I'm glad that Mister Obama is good enough to remind us of this. Every day, every trillion dollars. But what he doesn't get, even after having done it a year ago, is that you don't single out a place, by name, and tell people not to go there. Especially if that place is entirely dependent upon tourist dollars. Most of us know that you meant to say something sensible, if hypocritical, but please, sir, stick to your teleprompter. You can't talk without it, and we'd all be better off if you stopped trying. Until the next presidential election, that is.

Mister Obama's strange mix of incompetence and arrogance highlight the problem facing our country. As I mentioned last time, big money influence and (virtual) lifetime appointments for members of Congress have made it almost impossible for any fresh blood to make it into the dusty halls of power. In fact, it discourages our so-called representatives from actually fixing anything or making a real, substantive difference. If they did actually resolve one of the myriad problems facing our great nation, then WE THE PEOPLE might actually have a chance to catch a breath of fresh air, and discover that we don't need them nearly as much as they want us to think. Imagine for a moment that the massive spending orgy that Obama/Reid/Pelosi are engaged in actually created enough jobs to tame unemployment and bring wages back up enough to bolster the economy and increase the Federal tax receipts (is that the way that works? Wow). Do you think they'd start holding meetings in public again, or stop meddling in the business affairs of companies with no ties or bills due to the government? No. Imagine that insurance companies decided to voluntarily accept all of the provisions of that unconstitutional mess. Imagine that they bowed to pressure and started accepting patients with pre-existing conditions, or handing out free insurance to everyone who couldn't or refused to pay for it. Do you think they'd stop the attempted Federal/Socialist takeover of 1/6th of the economy? Nope. Because they have an agenda. They have a goal. And that goal isn't simply to 'fundamentally change the United States of America". It's to maintain power as long as they live. If they solve a problem, they lose a problem. And their mantra is 'never let a crisis go to waste'. Taking that to the next logical step, we see that a problem or a crisis is the villain that they need, because they have no other way to justify their position or distract us from their multitude shortcomings and blunders. We must solve this problem by prohibiting any money but Federal funding being used for campaign advertising of any form, as well as pushing through a Constitutional amendment requiring term limits for any member of Congress. There is no other way to push the corrupt and entrenched from government.

On another note...

I was enjoying a pleasant ride to work on the bus the other day, even as we were packed in like sardines, when it finally got the better of a fellow traveler. I'll describe the gentleman so you can get the picture. He was an African-American, impeccably dressed in a nice, expensive suit, with a very nice overcoat. I wasn't surprised to see that he was carrying a bible...


he started dropping F bombs. Big, loud, angry F bombs. All about picking up too many F-ing people, packing us in like F-ing cattle. Carrying a bible. Forgive me sir, I thought, are you kidding? Do you not get that God is watching and listening? I mean, we're all imperfect. We all make mistakes, and do and say things we regret. We are all His children, and He loves us and forgives us. But please. Try to leave the F-bombs at home when you go out, especially with your bible. Think about the fact that God is listening. He knows the bus is overfull and late, and that the person next to you smells bad. Then think about the fact that God knows that you are dropping F-bombs on your spiritual brothers and sisters. Would you talk to God with that mouth? Because you are. Every F-bomb dropped on a stranger is also dropped on our Father. Think about that before you start lobbing F-bombs next time, okay?

Ahh, but our story doesn't end there. As I discreetly watched this gentleman, I noticed that his bible had a long bookmark in it. Half said something about God. Fair enough. The other end said "Farrakhan". There you go. While I hesitate to judge a religion (if you can call it that) that maybe I'm not familiar with, I suspect that the Nation of Islam doesn't object strongly to F-bombs being dropped on buses.

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