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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Miss Ginny's Diary Feb 11th 2010

Meow - it’s me, Miss Ginny. Well it has been quite a day here. I got into it with HD. I was cleaning myself and I had my back right leg stuck up in the air and he and HM said I looked a little odd and I didn’t like it. So, when HD was going off to work, he came over and gave me a smooch before he went, I objected and I hissed him and they both laughed. HM said she had never seen me do that before and she is right. The only hiss I give out is to my sister ShooShoo when she gets ‘up my nose’ because I think she is silly sometimes. HM said she was quite surprised at me and she also said that she thought I was being a bit prissy on the one hand but on the other hand I had the right to be upset if I chose. I really like HM and HD and we don’t have disagreements as a rule. He often lets me sit on his chest at night while he is reading. So all is well and the afternoon is quiet. HM did a little packing of clothes today – in readiness for our move to the northern prairies. She has not been very well lately with allergies and none of us have been getting a lot of sleep because the sirens have been noisy at night. I get allergies and so does Grandma Carrie. I have included a picture of GC – it was taken when she was having her afternoon sleep. HM says that GC is now 157.5 human years and that is about 17 ½ years in cat time. When she gets the sneezes she almost falls over. We all keep a close eye on her. ShooShoo gets me mad because she teases GC and HM tells GC to turn and give her a hiss or two but I guess GC is getting too old to be bothered. We have had a lot of rain lately which is quite unusual in the desert south west where we are. I like to sit in the window and watch it. Today is nice as the afternoon sun is coming in the window and warming the apartment in a nice way. I don’t like thunderstorms and my sister and I rush under the big bed when they come. HM doesn’t care very much for the thunder either. She told me that we will have to get used to a lot of snow where we are moving to. I haven’t seen a lot of snow. Where I was born rarely got snow and where we live now is a place that also, rarely gets snow. HM said she will get me a window bed so I can lay in it and watch the snow from a warm house. These beds are great because you hook them on to a window ledge and they are like a hammock that people use. This will be great. I have just eaten an early supper – it was nice meat. I don’t know why HM bothers to straighten the carpet covers because GAD is going to come along and roll on them and she always ends up causing a big untidy mess. She does this when she wakes up from her afternoon sleep. She and ShooShoo often roll in them. HM chases them and it ends up being noisy and a little crazy. I am sitting next to HM and she is working away on her columns. She is getting better I think and she just said to me that she will be glad when we move because the waiting is both boring and there is always a lot to do and she likes to get going. HD doesn’t care much for moving but he said that we will be better off and we will have a bigger place to live in and we will be able to have our own sofa. I like sofa’s in the same way I like window beds. We are lucky because we have lots of blankets and toys to put on the sofa and besides, they are nice to curl up and sleep on. Well I might go and have a sleep (another one!) – what a cool life.

I will talk to you again soon. Meow to you my friends from Miss Ginny.
(here I am on one of my blankies)

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