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Monday, December 7, 2009

Chatter With Kate 7 Dec 2009

Hey folks. The reason I started this feature is lately I have heard so many stories from good folk who just wonder what is going to happen next in this difficult economic climate and don’t have an outlet to just ‘chat’ or folk to ‘chat’ to. Not everyone has a family or a friend or for that matter, a computer or a cellphone. There seems to be any number of people that are struggling and wondering what they are going to do about all manner of things. My husband and I both lost our former jobs and in my husband’s case he found another job at an absolute base rate of pay. We never did live a ‘high’ lifestyle and continue to live a simple life in a simple apartment with our crazy cats that help to keep us grounded and I find it a good thing to have this responsibility. We recently started up an online book and curio store and a virtual assistance program. If you are feeling a little splat, depressed, down in the dumps etc. try having a chat with the big G. upstairs and ask his advice. Perhaps you can put on a favorite DVD or VHS if you have them available. If you are able, try and give a cat or two (old cats rock!!) from an animal shelter, a home. If you are worried about Christmas and not having money for gifts or decorations, go along to a thrift store. Most of them have a Christmas table with seasonal gifts that have been donated and are for sale cheaply. I got a wonderful felt angel last year for $3.00. We called her after an elderly friend of ours who has departed our life – the name of Pearl. It suits her. If you live in a country that has the Dollar Stores, they have great craft things for making decorations or revamping old decorations. For a dollar last year I bought a packet of several glitter glues that are great fun to decorate with. All these things can be cheerful. Volunteering is a terrific way to meet other folk and help out all the charities who welcome help.

My husband has just rung in from his job and he is on his way home (on the bus) on this cold night so I am going to get a coffee pot ready for him. Have a drink with us in about half an hour.

Talk to you again soon.

Cheers, Kate.

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