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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Miss Ginny's Diary Dec 12th 2009

Meow to you. It’s me, Miss Ginny. It is cold today and the nice man on the television says it is 31 and that is below freezing according to HM. She has just come back from emptying the garbage and she says it takes her longer to put on all her warm gear than to do the actual chore. I’ve got a good bed today. It is in the corner of the alcove that goes into the closet. It is full of old woolly stuff and I can see everything that is going on in the main room. My sister is trying to sit on HM’s book and now she is rubbing her face on HM’s hand. I think ShooShoo is trying to make up for some bad behaviour. ShooShoo and GAD had a grand roll-up play earlier and when they do this it can get a little rough. They seem to get locked in mortal combat and sometimes HM steps into the middle of it to calm things down. Our Christmas decorations are up and when the roll-ups are going on, sometimes things get knocked over. We have a tiny Christmas tree and a large Christmas tree. There is a train with twinkling lights and a lighted wreath and a very modern Christmas tree that sits in the middle of our table. It is also lit. Great Aunt Daisy cannot figure out the twinkling lights on the train. (The train is usually outside but we can’t do that this year so HM has it attached to the wall). GAD howls at the train and HM says she must be part prairie dog. HD and HM are talking about our move to a new home and it looks as though it will not be near the coast and HD will transfer to the upper Midwest of the USA. HM says that we cannot travel before the next northern spring as it is too cold for us to travel at the moment. I have been thinking about the fresh fish I was hoping to get if we moved to a coastal area. But HM said that there are plenty of rivers and creeks and lakes to fish in where we are going and that is good. HM and HD have river-fishing rods and HM has a huge ocean fishing rod which is very big.

Hi everyone – this is HM writing. Miss Ginny has decided to go to sleep and is doing a little snore so I am chatting to you. I have just put on the Christmas tree lights as the day outside is getting quite dark. Miss Ginny and I were arguing earlier because she likes to try and eat the branches on the tree and I said no. I just love my little girl but sometimes she is a little weird. She probably thinks I am weird too.

Meow it’s me, Miss Ginny. I had a big nap. It is night now and the chores are all finished and HM has gotten into bed and is writing. She has finished cooking a nice smelling soup and a DVD is playing and HM says early to bed is a good idea on a cold night. We have all piled in with her and she wants to know when I am going to finish cleaning my claws because she can’t stand the noise, so I am staring her out. Grandma Carrie is not in the bed and she is curled up in one of her own many beds and is snoring very loudly. HM says she snores worse than HD does when he is tired. The weather man has just said that it will go below freezing again outside during the evening. HM said some prayers for all the outside and abandoned cats that have to cope with this cold weather. I know that she would bring them all inside if she could. If I get too close to HM then she will catch me up in a snuggle and then we will have a friendly fight. HD calls me his ‘prissy missy’ because he says that HM spoils me but I always keep on the good side of HD as he is a very kindly soul and is great to snuggle with in the cold.

I’m off until next time. See you soon.

Meow to you from Miss Ginny.

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