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Monday, December 21, 2009

Miss Ginny's Diary Dec 21st 2009

Meow to you, it’s me, Ginny. Well it is Sunday evening and HM is working away on the computer and the household is quiet for once. HD is at work and it is another cold night. We have been watching the big snow in the eastern United States and HM said it was a bad time to be traveling. We have traveled several times on planes and it has been okay. We even traveled overseas on a very big jet with other animals and it was a long journey and I slept most of the way. I was in a cage with my sister ShooShoo as we were very small at the time and the airline put us both in together. We stayed in a hotel in Los Angeles and they were very nice to us – they thought we were cute and HM told the hotel staff to stop spoiling us. I told you before, that we might be moving and we are. HD is transferring out of our desert home and we are going north to a place near the border with Canada. HM says it is going to be cold like the planet Hoth in the winter (she says that is from some film called Star Wars). She also said it is a very nice town and she and HD can go fishing in the rivers and lakes and we will get some fresh fish to eat. We will not move yet because with the winter coming on HM says it is too cold for us to travel and we need to be acclimatized in the spring. HD says it is going to be just fine. Grandma Carrie is now too old to fly and so we will be traveling by road. We have done this before to and HD and HM drive only a few hours a day and stay overnight somewhere and off we go again the next day. We traveled like this when we came out west. It was okay and we slept most of the way and were spoilt a lot. I like that. HM says that I am getting to be a little princess because people often come up to me and say ‘oh what a pretty kitten’. I am not a kitten but I am just a very small cat. I was born No. 6 in the litter of kittens and sometimes HM calls me No. 6. It was HD’s birthday yesterday. HM made him a lovely cake made with chocolate and peanut butter but we couldn’t have any because HM said animals are not allowed chocolate because it can make us very sick. GAD is having a dream and her legs and paws are twitching while she is sleeping. HM says she is probably chasing rabbits in her dreams. Did I tell you that GAD talks in her sleep? HM says she is the only cat she has ever known who does this. She can get quite loud when she is talking. I like GAD as she is willing to play. She used to watch over us when we were very tiny. ShooShoo has woken up and is talking up a storm to HM. We have already had our supper so I doubt if HM will give her more soft food. We have a bowl of cat biscuits out all the time and lots of water. ShooShoo likes to go around sniffing everything and HM says she has a complex. I think she is just being a cat. She wakes us up nearly every morning at about 4a.m. HM calls her our burglar alarm. ShooShoo just has a thing about the street cleaning machine. We won’t have one where we are going to live and HM says we might all get some sleep! The trouble with my sister is that she has to tell you about everything she has discovered or noises she hears at night and if we don’t answer her she goes and wakes HM who is really very patient with her. She sniffs HM’s face and once she actually sniffed up HM’s nostril. HM let out a waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh in the middle of the night and that woke all of us including HD. ShooShoo has gone back to sleep on the big bed. HM is fond of her except when she is playing rough-house with GAD. We have a cousin in Ireland and her name is Callie. She is a tabby cat and belongs to HD’s sister and her family. They phoned us for HD’s birthday and we were all happy to hear from them. Ireland is a pretty place and I know that HM would just be so happy if we made Ireland our permanent home. HD says he has had enough traveling and so has HM so maybe where we are moving to will be our forever home. Who knows – HM told me that is on the northern prairies and is full of interesting history. HM and I have a great friendship. She never minds when I crawl into the big bed at night and I like to cuddle with her she calls me her pretty little princess. I have been quite good lately and not been in too much trouble. I have left the Christmas tree alone and not played with the decorations and I haven’t chased Grandma Carrie’s tail.
I am going now to find a bed for the night. See you next time.

Meow to you from Miss Ginny.

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