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Monday, December 21, 2009

Chatter With Kate Dec 21st 2009

Happy holidays to all of you. I have been watching the incredible snow back east and can’t help remembering when I have been stuck in airports for one reason or another. With hundreds of flights cancelled and another storm pending, the airlines and airport people and all the thousands of other folk in various cities who get called out to deal with these kinds of episodes, must be tearing their hair out! Doesn’t the weather channel do a great job of informing you about what is going on? I am a great Jim Cantore fan. He is a nice man and along with his great colleagues is informative and sensible. I was watching when some New Yorkers brought him out some coffee to help him in the cold. What a nice thing to do. It is these little things that are so important. My husband often says that it is these simple things that do so much. Our holidays this year will be quiet. $ are tight and we are moving as my husband is transferring out of our desert location to a place near the Canadian border, up on the prairies. I will be very pleased to get out of the heat as I can’t stand the 100+ days for 4 months or so during the summer. The fact that we will have very cold winters is not too much of a bother. When I lived in Canada for two years we had copious cups of hot chocolate during the long winters and lots of nice soups. I have always maintained that you can dress up for the cold but in the very hot summers it is not always easy to feel cool. In these days of air conditioners life is better I suppose. Our little home looks nice inside with the simple lights that we have. The cats have been quite good this year and havenot been too naughty with the decorations. I cannot come to terms with the politicians in Washington DC – how can you push through a bill that is 2000 pages long? I am not surprised that most of them haven’t read this supposed health bill. Who would want to read such a bill? What bothers me to is that they don’t know yet, how much it is all going to cost. We, the taxpayers, haven’t got limitless money. It is very hard for many of us to make ends meet and our grandchildren are going to be paying the debts the present Congress and President are incurring. I would like to think that they mean well and I would like to give them our budget and send them shopping to see how they get on. My husband and I are independents and I used to write a fairly light political column in my days of being a newspaper columnist. My husband writes quite a stern political rant. I think people who blog and write rants do us all a service. You may not always agree with them but they speak from their hearts, well mostly, and we get a better idea of going on from these folk than the press secretaries and other folk who do the publicity for the senate and the house. My husband says that they should have term limits put on those who go to Washington to represent us. I think he might just be right. Some of them have been there too long and get hooked into the lobbyists and then it is just a mess. I hope the holiday season is fine and safe for you good people out there. Take care of yourselves and we send many blessings to you and feel free to chat with us here at House Abukoff if you would like.

Bless you, and happy holidays and happy New Year. Kate.

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