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Monday, December 7, 2009

Miss Ginny's Diary Dec 7th 2009

Hey there – it’s me Ginny (actually my proper name is Virginia-Lee). My human mother (HM) calls me Miss Ginny because she says it is easier and sounds nice. It is afternoon tea time which HM likes to have. She is working on her books and the day’s housework and cooking is done and she is pleased. HD (human dad) is at work. I have curled up on the ironing and I am surprised HM hasn’t shifted me. My sister ShooShoo is sleeping as is my cat-mother, Lapper. HM’s old cat Carrie, is snoring her head off. She has just turned 17 cat years. She belonged to HM’s mother and when the old lady passed away HM brought her to live with us. I like her – she is no bother except when she wants her food and then she gives HM a hard time until she gets it. ShooShoo teases her a lot and both HM and HD are always reprimanding my sister. We have lived in a high desert area for nearly 4 years and HM says she has had enough of the heat and just recently, HD agreed with HM so I expect within 6 months or so we will be on the move to a cooler climate and somewhere near the ocean maybe. HM badly wants to see some rain and be able to have a garden. We used to live in the Pacific Islands and HM likes to go fishing and I have to say that it is great to have fresh fish for our meals. Carrie has woken up and got the sneezes. She is giving ShooShoo a bad look as my sister is sitting staring at her. Carrie has been in the family for all but 9 months of her 17 years. She can be a crank-pot and if you get too close to her she will give you a paw-cuff. HM told my sister to watch her ‘meows’ as she (ShooShoo) talks back to Carrie. Lapper is glaring at GAD (great aunt Daisy). My mother has a mean stare at times. She’s a bit jealous of GAD lately as GAD lost her mate Percy and she has been getting a bit of extra attention recently. They were both in the family long before we call came along. Percy was a terrific tabby cat who went to God quite suddenly a while back. We all miss him greatly but rest in the knowledge that he is in heaven with the Big G. Whoops HM just fell over a chair and GAD had a little freak out. HM told GAD that she is ok and GAD gave her a few meows and a nose rub on HM’s leg. GAD is a very large and lovable grey tabby with huge whiskers. She plays with my sister and me and she likes to play in the bathtub where she chases her tail very fast. HM has just asked me what I’m doing. Well I’m just climbing around our small kitchen. She calls me her kitchen supervisor. HD is home and he and Carrie are discussing who has the right to a certain chair. Carrie is a chair sneak and it will be interesting to see who wins the battle.

Well I’m gone for the moment and I will see you soon.

Meow to you all. Ginny.

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