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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hello there folks. Our animal pic of the week is a little late for which we must apologise. Our only excuse is that life in the recent high heat of the desert south west has been difficult and the air conditioning went out and it was 110 degrees and it was just nuts. An indoor pool would be lovely but we can’t do that and we are not near a river or the ocean. A swim in a river or the ocean on a hot day is wonderful and our pic of the week is an animal who just loves to swim in a lake or a river. Many years ago, I was out walking quite early in the morning and I went past the local zoo and they let me in to see the early feeding and cleaning as the folk at the zoo knew me well from my visits there. I was walking along the path that leads to the African section and I came across the keeper wheeling a large pile of cabbages which were the early morning treats for the hippopotamus. He said “here, have one and when the big male opens his mouth just throw it in”. I said “you are kidding me” and he said “absolutely not”. The two large hippos were standing there waiting. They knew what the time was and what to expect. Almost on cue, the hippos opened their mouths and away went the cabbage, over the fence and into a giant mouth, the likes of which I’d never seen. The hippos stood there until all the cabbages were gone and again, on cue, they turned around and went back into “their swimming hollow”. This somewhat unusual task on a Sunday morning will remain with me as a lifelong memory and I will always treasure it - Kate.

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