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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Miss Ginny's Diary June 22nd 2010

Meow to you from me, Miss Ginny. Well it has been a silly week and I really don’t know why. We were scrapping a lot and I fought with my sister ShooShoo, my cat mum Lapper bopped me on the head because I went too close to her when she was sleeping and great aunt Daisy did the same thing because I surprised her by jumping up on the chair she was on – well I didn’t see her. HM doesn’t like the hissin’ and spittin’ as she calls it, so she got mad. Well today it is a little better. HM says that if we can’t behave ourselves during the week, on Sunday we just have to behave, especially on a Sunday afternoon. In our home Sunday afternoons belong to you, in other words, you can do as you wish, providing you behave and you cant tell anyone else what to do.

From time to time, I have put some pictures in of some of us. Lately, HM & HD have been renewing their passports. HM says that in Europe and England you can get passports for your pets if you are traveling with them. I had the idea to do ‘cat’ passport photos. HM said ‘oh God help us trying to get you all photographed for passports’ but when we all looked at our family pictures, we found some pretty cool photos. So here then are the passport photos for the four-legged members of the family. All of these pictures have been taken this year:

From eldest to youngest:

Carrie (aka Grandma or GC)

(born 1992)

Daisy-Mae (aka Miss Daisy, GAD=Great Aunt Daisy)

(born 2002)

Lapper (aka Cap-A-Lap – my cat mum)

(born 2004)

ShooShoo (my sister)

(born October 18, 2005)

Miss Ginny (aka Virginia-Lee)
(born October 18, 2005)

So here we all are. Naughty, loud sometimes but we are a happy family. HM & HD love us despite all our quirks (what is a quirk?) – HM says it is an idiosyncrasy belonging to a particular person. Oh heck, I don’t know these words.

Meow to you until next time, from me, Miss Ginny.

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