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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hello there, how’s your week going? When you write up a column such as this one, you have at your fingertips what are seemingly a trillion photos to go through. They are wonderful to look through. Today we have selected one for all the young folk around the globe who love kittens. This photo came through from Russia and we all thought it was truly lovely. A little kitten around a house can be a wonderful stress release. The more you handle a little kitten, give it pats and cuddles, the better (older) cat you will have. They have a lot of love and friendship to give and who needs a valium when you can go to a shelter and pick up a grateful animal who would love a loving home. They are so faithful and wait for you to come home when you go out and on a stormy night you will nearly always find them tucked up in your bed getting comfort from you and giving comfort to you. A plea here to support any animal shelter in your area. If your budget allows, drop of a can or two of cat foods to those good folk who are helping rescue animals. A nice little story here - we know of a lady on a farm who has barn cats that have appeared from somewhere and she puts out some food for them and they live amongst the hay in her barn. They are speyed and neutered and they sure do keep her barn and farm buildings free of mice. They follow her around the farm and they all seem to have worked out a wonderful living arrangement.

So here is our cutie for the week.

Go carefully out there folks. Bless you from the Staff Desk.

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