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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kapact's Rant: Helen the Anti-Semite, B.O. Oil and Avatar Review

There is so much to talk about, from the anti-semitism that Helen Thomas demonstrated (underplayed as much as possible by her liberal cohorts) as she finally left the pool, to the continued inaction by Mr Obama in the gulf.

Not much needs to be said about Helen Thomas. She is now enough of an embarrassment that finally she is gone. 0f course, there has been little mention of it in the typical liberal media. It must be hard for them to sit on their hands. If Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh had said what she did, they would find precious little else to talk about. But when Helen fouls the pool, suddenly they know nothing.

Fortunately for them, there is the oil gusher in the gulf. And just what is Mister Obama doing to stop the flow of oil and prevent it from reaching land? Well, he's pointing fingers really well. He's outraged. He's interrupted vacations to walk on beaches that were cleaned up for his visit. No, in fact he didn't, did he? No. There is evidence to suggest that he was aware of the extent of the disaster and the potential for catastrophe, a month ago but went on vacation while thousands of barrels of oil pumped into the gulf every day. So we have to wonder if he was simply incompetent, or if he let it go so as to allow the crisis to worsen and give the socialist government running this country more ammunition to demonize and maybe even nationalize the nation's oil industry. The classic question arises. What did the president know and when did he know it? And why, in the midst of the largest ecological tragedy we've ever faced, are you going back to trying to sell Obamacare? Is it intended to distract us, or is it simply because you don't know how to do anything but campaign? If you think I'm wrong, look at the recent poll that gives Bush better marks for his handling of Katrina than they give you for this.

I've just subjected myself to reading the screenplay of Avatar so that I could discuss it without putting any money in James Cameron's hands, (note to the president and the Attorney General, and pretty much the whole excuse for a government that we're stuck with: try reading something before talking about or voting for it. Leads to far fewer embarrassing moments later ) and aside from the fact that it is nowhere close to an original story, it is a poorly written piece of leftist propaganda. Unobtanium? Please. The last time I heard that was I think "The Core", and I thought it was silly then. And Mr Cameron, you took your idea from, of all places, Rocky and Bullwinkle? Upsidasium. Remember that? I do. So right off I was unimpressed. Jake Sully. Did you get that from your "Big Book of Stereotypes" in the chapter on grizzled, burnt out anti-hero names? Please, sir, invest some of your billions in writing lessons. Or a used copy of the Constitution. Now I'm sure you've got a 'support the troops' bumper sticker on your hybrid limo, but that actually doesn't negate the shabby way you treat them in this liberal fantasy. Every military member (but Jake Sully) is a racist monster. Oh, but wait. They're Ex-Marines. Well, sir, any Marine will tell you that there is no such thing as an Ex-Marine. Once a Marine, always a Marine. So give back that bumper sticker. You don't deserve it. And of course, there is the obvious parallel between the destruction of the Home Tree with the 9/11 attacks. How dare you compare the heroic men and women who bravely and proudly wear the uniform of our country with the cowardly thugs who sneak onto a plane (or car, or bus) in civilian clothes to slaughter innocents? How dare you? Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but how dare you demonize the heroic men and women who volunteer to step into harm's way to protect you? I'll just add this. Avatar is not the Number One film of all time. "Gone With the Wind" still holds that title in the only sense that means anything. Number of tickets sold. So you are still a loser.

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