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Sunday, May 2, 2010


Greetings folks - it has been a while since we had a ‘chatter’. Life in the last month or so has been difficult. Sleep has been broken and just when you think things are getting back on an even track then something else happens. I guess many of us have been through this before and we will deal with upheavals in the future. This difficult month started with a shooting where we live. It bothers me that there are way too many people carrying guns irresponsibly. About 1.29am my husband and I and the cats were all woken with a bunch of folk shrieking and yelling and then there were 5 distinct pops of a gun and all hell broke loose. It turned out that a brother of a girl who was being bothered by another person (a boyfriend I believe) was shot in the chest by this man because he, the brother, stepped in to help his sister. It was right opposite where we live and of course it resulted in a myriad of sirens etc etc. I am so tired of hearing about guns being used like this. All levels of society seem to be able to get hold of these weapons and this includes kids at elementary schools. There has got to be an answer as to how to deal with the misuse of guns. I personally think that the courts need to be a lot tougher. You can bet your boots, that most of the folk around here know who did the shooting; in fact I have been told as much. Everyone quickly disappeared and the cops have not found the fellow who did the bad deed. My sleep, post-shooting, has been awful. I find myself reading on our tiny palm reader, way into the night and of course the next day I feel just wretched. This comes at a time when we have passport forms to fill out (in the case of mine it has to be sent overseas), trying to sort out our departure to live in another state, trying to save extra $$ to deal with the move (you go where the work is), dealing with the oncoming summer heat. I am concerned to, about the amount of earthquakes lately – I have the EQTW link on my Twitter account and it has been really active. (I am a student of earth and planetary sciences). This is highly likely to be of a natural nature in that when you count things up there is no more than is usual it just seems that there are a lot at once. To top it all I have been looking at the bad storms back in Tennessee and Kentucky, two of my favorite places and now we have this terrible oil spill in the Gulf to deal with. Wow it just never stops – however as my logical and charming husband points out – we have to put our best foot forward, do the best we can each day and say a few extra prayers and plough on forward, through it all. Next time we ‘chatter’ I will try to be more optimistic.

Cheers folks and go safely out there, Kate.

Here is a positive pic for you to peruse – our two young cats (sisters) trying to squash into a small basket together

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