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Friday, May 28, 2010

Miss Ginny's Diary May 28th 2010

Meow to you from me, Miss Ginny. Well it has been a quiet time lately. I have been spending most of my time following HM around and she and I have long talks. I can’t speak English of course and she can’t speak in meow! However we understand each other. HM says that too many people in this world don’t have enough understanding of other folk and their culture. I just meow back and she says okay! She (HM) changed our tiny kitchen around and now I have more room on the small bench. She says I shouldn’t be up there but I don’t always take notice. HM and particularly HD say I am spoilt. My sister ShooShoo and I are still having problems. She has gone to play with GAD these days. They roll and fight and don’t let me join in, so that is why I follow HM about. HM says we are all here as a family and no one is allowed to be nasty with each other. Grandma Carrie and I get along though GC sleeps most of the day and gets up to eat and goes back to bed. HM is a fairly quiet person and so apart from any outside noise and the sound of the television, it is quiet in our home. I like to play in cardboard cartons and HD often brings them home from his day work and that is fun – GAD gets inside the bigger ones and chases her tail like crazy. She is a really big cat and often goes so fast that the carton falls over. My sister got some dust up her nose this morning and she got lots of sneezes. HM got her a drink and gave her face a wash. She didn’t like that. She meowed at HM and HM said that she had to put up with the wash for just a few seconds. HD brought us home some nice grass to eat. This is special cat grass that comes in a special packet and you grow it at home and in about a week or so it sprouts up from the seeds and it is great. He spoils us as he is always bringing home treats. HM is talking to ShooShoo who has just woken up and is yawning and looking around the room for mischief to get into. HM picked us both up together and gave us a long talking to about being nice. I wriggled away and my sister did to. HM said that she has given up for the day trying to make us be civilized. I like to play with HM’s balls of wool and she gives chase when I run away with them. The wool is nice and soft moves easy and she said that she would make me some special balls of wool of my own if I would just leave hers alone. So this is a good deal don’t you think? Some little birds (sparrows) landed outside our windows on the railing and I talked and talked to them and I think they just laughed at me but GAD came to the window and nattered at them and they flew away. GAD must look huge to them and they got a little scared. I am a small cat and will never be big. The sparrows wait for HM to give them a few breadcrumbs. We don’t get many birds where we are and HM misses her old home where we had lots of birds. When we finally move away from where we are I am sure that HM will find a place where there are more birds. She used to have an aviary (a big bird house) with her mom at another home and it had lots of birds in it. Well there is not much going on here and so I will say meow to you all until the next time. Be good and be happy.

Many meows to you from me, Miss Ginny.

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