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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kapact's Rant: "What part of illegal don't you understand"

What part of illegal don't you understand? That actually pretty much sums it up, and further demonstrates the intellectual, moral and legal bankruptcy that is not just the liberal movement in this country, but also, coincidentally, the Mexican government.

While Mr Obama has been busy making fundamental changes to just about everything but the unemployement rate, he has ignored the problem of illegal immigration. And let's be clear here. We don't need immigration reform, we need illegal immigration reform. We don't have an immigration problem, we have an illegal immigration problem. It's easy to say its a race issue. It's easy to say 'profiling'. In fact, that makes a wonderful built-in excuse whenever you don't have a legitimate argument. But really, what it's all about is a mass of people invading our country, and a morally bankrupt political party that probably wouldn't be in power if it didn't have this illegal voting base. Wait, you say. How can you have an illegal voting base? Have you ever heard of ACORN? Bart Simpson registering Democrat in the last election? The Democratic party exists primarily on the backs of the politically naive, the welfare class and illegals, along with corrupt labor unions who have for the most part stopped supporting the workers in favor of the liberals who keep them in power and outlived any legitimate purpose they ever served. The Democratic Party is and always has been the party of opposing freedom of individuality, of keeping the weak weak, keeping the disadvantaged disadvantaged, keeping the dependent dependent, and keeping the enslaved enslaved. When the Founders were trying to outlaw slavery in the Constitution, it was the party that was to become the Democrats that stopped them. During the Civil War, it was Democrats who refused to free slaves. At the time, the Southern (Democrat) argument was that their economy was dependent upon slave labor. Now it is their tenuous grasp on power that is dependent upon the slaves of today. Unfair? What do you call it when someone living in the big house tells you what and how much you can earn, what and how much you can own, and what and how much you can do to improve your life? According to Mr Obama, it is possible to earn 'too much'. Every once in a while, the truth accidentally comes out. What comes out here is that Mr Obama doesn't want you to be too successful, because he can only control you if you depend on him, just like the illegal immigrants depend on the liberals to stay here unchallenged, receiving free health care and education.

Mr Obama's partner in crime is one with years of experience in quietly and slowly yet blatantly invading its neighbors. But don't even think of crossing their border illegaly. While the Mexican government (if you can call it that) actively assists its citizens in becoming illegal here, they are among the toughest in dealing with illegal immigrants in their own country. So, how do you say hypocrite in Spanish?

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