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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Miss Ginny's Diary May 11th 2010

Meow to you, it’s me, Miss Ginny. It is night and the wind is blowing and making a horrible noise outside. Everything is creaking and my sister ShooShoo is under the big bed because she doesn’t like the noise of the wind. I don’t much like it either. HD has just called in to say he is leaving work and HM said that he should wear his hat because the wind is very cold. It is supposed to be warm at this time of year in the desert but the weather has been very strange. HD and I have not agreed on things this past week. He says I am too noisy and I wake him up. Well I like to wander around at night and my sister likes to play and so I went and had a cuddle with HD and he said I was a charmer and he has said that I am also like a royal princess. He likes me and that is why I get away with being a bit naughty. He says that HM spoilt me when I was very young, because I was so small and fragile. I don’t really know what that means but I know I went to the animal doctor a few times and he came to the decision that I was always going to be a very small cat. I was the 6th born in my cat mum’s litter and was given extra food. My cat mum had 6 girl kittens and the animal doctor was very surprised that there were no boy kittens born. We all lived and apart from ShooShoo and me, my sisters all live on farms in the southern hemisphere and are all doing very well. HM hopes that we may all live once again, in the countryside as it is, she feels, a better life and more peaceful. We go where HD’s work takes us. Today HM poached some chicken for lunch and we got some and it was quite nice. I like fish best and kitty bics. There is a helicopter flying about and HM just said that she would not like to be up there in this strong wind. It would be a very rough flight. We get police helicopters over us quite a lot and we also get planes from the airbase which is not too far away. HM is sending you this picture to look at. She loves all animals and this is from a lady called Julie Scardina who works with animals and often appears on television here in the United States. It is very cute and HM hopes you like it. Just click on to it with your computer.

Well I am going now and I will meow with you again soon. If you would like to send me your cat pictures you can send them to me care of House Abukoff.

Here is a picture of my sister ShooShoo taken last Christmas while she was sleeping. She often lies on her back.

Meow to everyone. Be safe. Love from me, Miss Ginny.

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