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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Miss Ginny's Diary May 2nd 2010

Meow to you from me, Miss Ginny. HM is back doing her writing and she seems better. She got really upset about a shooting that took place opposite where we live and the weather here in the desert southwest is getting hot which she doesn’t like and our departure from here is delayed. However I am trying to be good and help and follow her everywhere – I think I told you that she calls me her kitchen supervisor. I love to go into the kitchen because if she is cooking chicken and bacon she just might give me a little bit for myself. My sister ShooShoo usually comes in if she can see me getting treats. We have got some new kitty grass to eat. HD found it in the supermarket and you grow it yourself from a kitset and it is really good. My sister is trying to keep it for herself but HM is on to her and that is good. We are still not really talking to each other and HM told us both that we should solve our issues as having a sister is a good thing. I got into trouble with HD yesterday as the door blew open when HM was out on the balcony shaking our blankets and I took off and ran out onto the balcony and had a great lark about (an English expression). HD ran after me and gave me a major talking to. Grandma Carrie goes outside under supervision. HM said I knew better and that she had spoken to me about the vulture birds that live in the neighborhood. They are big birds who go hunting small animals for food and if I did it again, then I would be out of treats for some time. Oh well, I guess I was in trouble for a while – what I didn’t like though, was my bossy sister who, after HD had spoken to me, came up and meowed quite loudly. She is not my boss but she likes to think so. It is a nice Sunday afternoon today and there is a desert wind blowing. We had some shredded chicken today for lunch and that was nice. Grandma Carrie likes to eat treats. She may be old (162 human years) but she can eat a lot. I can see ShooShoo eating the grass and HM has just told her to let some of us have a go at it. My sister always has something to say and she told HM a few meows about something and HM told her to go and have an afternoon sleep. HM will probably have a bit of a kip as she calls it, in a little while and I will curl up with her just like I do at night. We are good friends and HM and I understand each other. HD has gone to work and I will talk to him on the phone when he rings in during his shift. I meow all the days news to him and he thinks I am very sweet but quite mad sometimes. I know what a phone is for and I know it is him on the other end of the phone. I am going now and I will chat to you soon and in the meantime, I send many meows to you.
Bye from me, Miss Ginny.

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