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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chatter With Kate Jan 7th 2010

Hey there and New Year greetings to you. I was pleased to see 2009 come to a finish. It was one of those years that no matter what you tried to do, things were just plain difficult and frustrating. I thank God for my small family – 1 husband and 5 cats. I really enjoy looking after them and in the case of the cats (naturally!) watching their antics. We will all be moving soon after being 4 years in a city we don’t like and living in a suburb that is difficult – the downtown area of a large tourist resort. I look out my 3rd floor window and see too many young people walking around at night – sometimes they are really young and I wonder ‘where are their parents’? Then along will come a family or two who have not found room at one of the local shelters. Being in a tourist city, the panhandlers abound. Our city has a huge amount of foreclosures, an education system that is in the bottom 5 of the USA. The unemployment rate is the highest in any city and on goes the negativity. So 2010 will be for us, a year of new opportunity in a new state. We will be living in a small city in a rural ranching/farming area with a big airbase close by and temperatures in the winter that are in keeping with those in northern Canada, the arctic or Alaska! My husband found his job on the internet – he is returning to a profession in which he has had many years of experience but one which he had left a handful of years ago. Both of us have lost our jobs in the last several years. My husband is a good man and found work at a base salary but as he said, it is a job! It has been very hard at times. We try to keep faith in our planet and while I don’t think you should ignore all the negativity you hear on the news and in the press, try and see past it and look at all possibilities - they are out there. Dolly Parton, God bless her has a great expression – you need to ‘honk your own horn’.

So my advice to you is just keep on truckin’ – do what my husband has done, keep faith in yourself and persevere. We human beings are unique. WE CAN DO ANYTHING!

See you later. Keep warm out there folks.


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