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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Miss Ginny's Diary Jan 28th 2010

Meow to you. I haven’t written anything for a while. I am just being lazy. Right now it is a rainy day here in the desert south west and I am in a small cane laundry basket. We were given this and I laid a claim to it. HM put in a nice blanket in it and it is great to curl up in on a day when you can’t do much. I am watching Grandma Carrie trying to talk HM into getting an early supper for us. I don’t think GC is going to succeed. However I admire her because any minute now she is going to get the boot from where she is. She is actually in between HM and her laptop and HM is peering over the top of her. GC gets away with a lot because she is way old and has, as I said a while back, been with HM for about 17 years. I thought we might be in our new place by now but HM and HD both say that it is too cold for us to travel right now and we will go in the early spring hopefully. I like to follow HM around when she is looking through our stuff and I like to see what she is throwing out. She told me yesterday that she is not throwing anything of ours out. She said she is going to pack our toys into the cane washing basket and that will be ok with me. She told me that I am getting bossy. In fact HD called me a Field Marshal – that is a military title. Field Marshal von Ginny was what he actually called me. So I bit his finger – I was only playing. I just love to cuddle on his chest. He squints his eyes at me so I squint right back at him. HM says we are like two children being pesky. What is pesky? HM says it is being a tad silly. Well I don’t care and HM says they love me no matter what so that’s just fine. Well GC is now sitting as close as she can to HM who is trying to catch up with her columns. Great Aunt Daisy is sleeping on her back with her front legs crossed – it looks a little odd. My sister and I had a great play this morning. We chased each other around the room and through the closet and over and under everything. HM said we were nuts – it seems that it is a day for being nuts. Well what’s a cat to do but eat and sleep and play on a rainy day? ShooShoo has gone to see what HM is doing and this is not going to work because GC is on the table and as they don’t care for each other much I think HM may just get up and move to go and get our supper. Good move on ShooShoo’s part. Yeah! HM has moved. Cool, here comes supper. I will talk to you later. Oh, I have included a photo of me and my sister, ShooShoo when we were playing.

Meow to you for now, Miss Ginny.

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