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Monday, January 11, 2010

Harry Reid IS a racist!!!

I don't care what Reid thinks about Obama, or black people. But the fact that he assumes the racism of white voters makes him, by definition, a racist. He is assuming behavior and attitudes about white voters, based upon their skin color. He is assuming that white voters would be more likely to vote for him because he looks white and talks white, and that is stupid and racist. What Trent Lott said years ago was wrong and stupid, and doesn't compare to this. But there is an undeniable double standard here. If a Republican had said this, they would be calling for his or her head, and probably getting it. Reid is a democrat, who is involved in an unconstitutional conspiracy with Pelosi and Obama in order to plunge this great country into the depths of socialism. Reid could put on a white sheet and hood and get away with it. The message here is that the democratic leadership thinks nothing of voters. They are easily manipulated racist fools, and are only valuable for their tax dollars and votes. That is what is revealed by Reid's mouth. Again, I say, don't you dare call me a racist.

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