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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Miss Ginny's Diary Jan 17th 2010

Meow to you. It’s me, Miss Ginny. How are you today? It has been a lazy day for us. HM says we are all slacking off which means we are mostly asleep. I have included a picture of me sleeping that HM took earlier today. I think we slept so much because it was quite a warm winter’s day and the sun was shining and we had lots of food to eat and all was well. HD rang in to see how we are and he is bringing us home some kitty treats – he does this every now and then. I love these – they are crunchy and the name of them is Friskies Natural Sensations. We have the ones made with chicken. HM gets yoghurt which she does not let us eat because she gets one with fruit in it. Today I watched HM pack some china bowls and I supervised her. She calls me her ‘kitchen boss’ because I like to watch what she is doing. My sister and Grandma Carrie were spitting at each other today so they were both sent to the opposite ends of the living room. ShooShoo was just being a pain! Well it is the next day now and the maintenance man came to fix our door. We needed a new key plus lock and as he had to cut into the iron door the noise was awful so HM put us all in the bathroom and then closed the door so the noise was less of a problem for our ears. We all behaved quite well I think. ShooShoo hid behind the toilet and I jumped in the bath and Grandma Carrie sat on top of the toilet and ShooShoo did not annoy her at all. GAD just sat in the middle of the bathroom wondering why we were all there. God Bless her, she lives in her own world. My mum Lapper, jumped on the bench and sat there. It took a while to finish – about 45 minutes. HM gave us a nice supper of turkey and gravy. So now it is early in the evening and we are all settled and HM is working on her writing. Because of the door being fixed we did not get any packing done today. HD got called into work early and I am hoping he might bring home some more treats. He spoils us. HM just said to me that I had treats yesterday so not to expect any today. Well I shall live in hope. HM is shaking her head at me and says I am a spoilt little princess that she really loves and knowing HD there will be something in his jacket pocket for us. ShooShoo has just come to join me and HM wants to know what she is talking about. It’s a big story. I wish she wouldn’t try to wash me. I hate having my ears washed. HM just told me not to fuss because ShooShoo has been doing this since we were very young and just to let it be. I am staring HM out. She just looked at me and shook her head. I like to curl up with HM and I am watching her so I can go and curl up with her when she has finished the column she is working on. Both HM and HD do a lot of writing. HD has already written nearly 5000 words this week and HM told him to take a rest. Well, it is the next day now and HM is not well and so I am keeping an eye on her. She says she is going to bed soon – it is about 6pm and HD will be home later from his work and he will cheer her up. I will cuddle up with her when she gets into bed in a moment – she calls me her little furry best friend. HM is frowning. She is watching the television on CNN (I’m not sure what that is). She was talking earlier to HD about some big problems in another country. HM looks very upset. She is frowning. Well looks like she is getting into bed so I will talk to you later.

Be well and many meows to you from me, Miss Ginny.

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