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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chatter With Kate: Pesky Politicians


Greetings folks on a rainy day in the south western United States. Are politicians driving you crazy lately? I have often wondered just who is at fault with our pesky politicians. Is it us for electing them and not looking too much at all into who they really are? Or is it the politicians who have this peculiarity about them that even though we elect them in basic good faith, thinking ‘oh he or she seems ok’, they get elected and then they seem to undergo some metamorphosis when they get hold of a bit of power and then whoops - they change into pesky politicians. Oh I know that you can find some who are pretty good but right now, where are they? This is a global issue – it must be the power thingy? I have lived in several interesting countries and there is not one of them that have not had this problem. I wonder sometimes if politicians think that we, the public, aren’t taking any notice of them and that they can get away with their power playing partisan nonsense. There was an election recently in the state of Massachusetts in the United States in which a senate seat that had previously been held by the late Edward Kennedy (of the well known Kennedy clan) for nearly 50 years changed to a republican seat and completely upset the balance of political routine. The new senator-elect took notice of what the folk in his electorate were thinking and saying and the public in this electorate were taking notice of what was going on in the federal capital of Washington DC and didn’t particularly care for the behaviour and disrespectful way of the federal politicians. One hopes, that this should be a lesson to other politicians not only in the United States but around the world, that we, the public are watching you and actually do take notice of what is going on and you, the incumbent politician should not take your electorate for granted. If you are a student of politics, then I would suggest you might take a look at how this new Senator-elect from Massachusetts, ran his campaign. It is good stuff.

You know folks, it is all about respect. I like to see politicians being respectful. If they don’t respect each other, then they are not going to respect an electorate’s intelligence. I say to them, wake up! Don’t think we aren’t listening to you. Your electorate has brains and you will do well to remember this. To you good folk out there, that no matter where you are on this great planet, YOU HAVE THE POWER TO VOTE PESKY POLITICIANS OUT OF OFFICE if you have a system of government that allows you to do this.

Final word on this, *only respectful politicians are respectable politicians* - I am probably asking for miracles but you can live in hope.

Cheers and go safely out there, Kate.

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