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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Miss Ginny's Diary Jan 10th 2010

Meow to you out there, it’s me, Miss Ginny. It is early in the evening in our household. HD is at work and we have had our supper. My sister ShooShoo got into real trouble (again!). Grandma Carrie had just finished eating her supper and my sister chased her out of the kitchen and into the bedroom. Grandma is very old and while she is in good health, she is somewhat fragile and walks as she wants. ShooShoo doesn’t like Grandma Carrie and never really has. So HM did her bun! (as the English folk say) and she and my sister had a very long talk. ShooShoo is lucky HD wasn’t home. He truly loves ShooShoo and gets very upset with her when she is naughty. He would have sent her to her bed for a while. HM told her she is on a warning to behave or she will be sent to bed early. The interesting thing about all this is that ShooShoo seems to understand what HM says and she is behaving and has joined me on the big bed. We have been thinking about all the animals that live in the areas that are so very cold right now. I have told you that we are going to live in a much colder climate than where we are now. Did you see the zoo animals on television who are trying to cope with the cold in the state of Florida (USA) and in Europe? HM said that they used to have a cat in Canada, a long time ago and he used to like to eat the snow. I don’t think I would like that. HM says that we will have to get used to some very different animals and birds in our new home, than what we see at our current home. She said that you get an animal called a squirrel in our new town and they are busy little animals and move quickly and in the fall they gather lots of nuts and bread crusts to store in trees and other places, so that they have food to eat when it is very cold. She said that they used to have a red squirrel in Canada that would always come along the fence when they were having breakfast and sit and wait for the crusts from the breakfast toast. My cat mother, Lapper loves toast crusts and sometimes but not often, HM gives her a little one. Well it is the next day now and again it is early in the evening. It is cold today and HM once again has gotten into bed early and we have all joined her. HD is at work and he calls during his shift and likes to know what we are doing and how we all are. He is a nice person and brings us treats. HM calls him the ‘cat whisperer’. My sister likes to go to the phone when he calls in as she likes to hear his voice. We have heard a lot of sirens in our city today. None of us like to hear them. ShooShoo always cries and HM more often than not has to pick her up and give her a cuddle. She especially hates the fire engines. We are near the corner of a street and the man driving the fire engine often has to put the siren on high volume to get people to move out of the way on the crossing and to get cars to go to the left to let the engine pass. It is this high volume noise that ShooShoo doesn’t care for. HM has gotten up to go and get herself something to eat and I might get up and go with her to see if there will be any treats put out. So, I will talk to you tomorrow and in the meantime keep warm and safe.

Meow to you from me, Ginny and HM says hello.

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