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Friday, January 15, 2010


Hello there folks. A couple of days ago I sat down to write a few words to you about ‘pesky’ politicians. I set up the laptop and turned on the television to have some background noise. Then along came the breaking news on the CNN network about the dreadful earthquake in Haiti. This is a truly staggering situation. I have been watching the great effort of the United States and other nations to get assistance to Haiti and try and alleviate the suffering of the people there. These things take time and I am amazed that some of the rescue teams got there within 48 hours with all their equipment and personnel etc. The dogs that go into the rubble of collapsed buildings never cease to amaze me. Aren’t they terrific?! When you think about it, the logistics of starting to sort out a devastated city of nearly 2 million people is staggering and yet I hear criticisms beginning to appear. Well I would just like to say to these people; just button it, your mouth/s that is. The logistical challenges are as I just said, staggering. The scale of helping a city of this size needing EVERYTHING is mind boggling. Where do you start? With Haiti having a government that can’t cope and an infrastructure that has basically ceased to exist, the problems that have to be dealt with are compounded by these and a port that is broken up and an airport that has a cracked building and control tower. The challenges are everywhere. I hear that the US military has gotten the airport sorted out but the port is a mess. So give folk time to sort this out to! As I write this, I am thinking that perhaps the United Nations should take perhaps Haiti over and put the country under its protection until they can find a leader for Haiti that is not going to become a dictator and has a brain or two. This might sound harsh but if you look at the history of this beautiful country and its resilient people, they have been placed under some crazy governmental situations in their history. The largest percentage of Haiti’s population is under 18 years of age and there are many orphanages and schools that are trying to cope. Wow! It all sounds overwhelming. But you know, we will all help them. It may be physical help; it may be in our prayers. We may even be able to volunteer in some way. If you can do the latter, then please try. I know that many folk nowadays are struggling financially, but even a dollar or two to a reputable agency like Red Cross or the United Nations would be welcome.

Finally, I would just like to say to the well-known preacher who said on national television, that the people of Haiti (who seem to have a history of different troubles) basically deserve what they are getting because they had made a pact with the Devil to get the French Colonial power out of the country – well you need to button your mouth up too. My goodness me, perhaps you might like to think of finding a different profession. Sure, we live in a democracy with the right of free speech, but dude, this was way over the top. I have a lot of buttons of varying sizes – perhaps I should send you one of the larger ones.

Go safely out there folks and God Bless you.


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