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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Miss Ginny's Diary Jan 7th 2010

Hello there – meow to you, it’s me Miss Ginny. Its late afternoon here and in the south west we have had nice sun today and HM says enjoy it and have some sympathy for the larger part of our great country that is suffering through a giant deep freeze. My sister and I are nice and warm because we are tucked up in bed with HM as she has gone to bed early and we have sorted out a spot on the big bed and there we will probably stay until the morning alarm clock goes off. Here comes Grandma Carrie doing the same thing. I like to sit and think about things when I get into bed after the day has finished. HM has been putting things in boxes. She said that we can’t travel anywhere at the moment because it is still way to cold for us to travel. She takes great care about these things. She said she is going to make coats for us out of nice fleece. I want a pink coat! We each have our own travel blankets and I always travel in the same cage as my sister because we fit easily into one as we are small cats. Grandma Carrie is up and moving about. ShooShoo got into trouble yesterday for chasing after her. HD was home and he and my sister often argue about things. She hisses at him if she doesn’t like what he says to her and then she will give him one of her ‘stare outs’ that she is known for. HM gets cross with my sister when she does this. She says that she didn’t raise her to have bad manners. HM sometimes calls my sister ‘Miss Botswana’ as she has the face of a lioness – her coloring is about the same as a lioness around her face. Botswana is a country in Africa that has lots of interesting animals living there. HM is frowning as she is looking at the bad weather in the east. Lots and lots of snow and very cold days and nights. HM’s aunty who lives in Indiana has snow up to the second story of her farmhouse. HM checked to see that she is okay and she said she is fine and the oil heaters are working okay and she has plenty of food. HM says that the cars that are out in this bad weather, are driving way too fast on icy roads. HM says that you must eat and drink well in this very cold weather because by doing this you will give your body fuel and energy to cope. HM is making herself some drop egg noodle soup with chicken for her supper and she had put garlic in it. I hate the smell of garlic and she said I didn’t have to sit there twitching my nose as I wasn’t going to get any. (Cats cannot eat garlic as it is quite bad for them like chocolate.) We are all up as Grandma Carrie took a wander into the kitchen to see what she could find. There is still some of our soft food left if we want nibbles of something. When Grandma does a wander round we all do to see if she gets any extra treats. HM says that as she has managed to live to the same amount of years as a 155 year old human she deserves treats from time to time. We usually get the treats to. Golly me! GAD just did a huge sneeze. HM told her she shook the building. She is a big big cat and does giant sneezes. HM has finished making her soup. Thank goodness! I hope she eats the garlic first. She says that garlic is very good for humans in the colder months as it helps them keep good health and puts good vitamins in their systems. Wow – a red car on the TV just skidded in a full circle on an icy road as it was going round a corner. HM said ‘scary’. Well we are all back in bed again and I might go to sleep until HD comes home from his work. He just might come in with treats – yeah!!

Keep warm out there and HM says stay safe. Meow to you from your friend, Miss Ginny (and HM too).

Good night.

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