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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well we are off and running with those who seek political office, showing us their faces, ideas and oh so sweet smiles on the television. It is a nice Saturday afternoon here in the desert southwest and I thank God, the bigG for the Create Channel. They have gone to Ireland for the day in order to celebrate the upcoming St Patrick’s Day. It is a nice break from all the incumbent pesky politicians and the would be pesky political candidates. Oh I know that they have to do their stuff and tell us what they are about but oh wow, some of these TV advertisements are already starting to sound snippy and quite frankly, speaking for myself, I can't stand this. I want to hear some constructive stuff. The erstwhile ideas of those seeking political office seem fine but you know, they (the new candidates) are not going to get their ideas past the toilet door because the corridors of political power are run by the party machines and these party machines have an arm-twisting skill that is scary – oh my yes. If you have been taking note of the comings and goings of Washington this past week in order to get this disputed healthcare bill passed into law, then perhaps you should think (as a candidate) ‘do I really want to do this?’. It shouldn’t be like this but I know that of all the people I have spoken to lately, 98% of them are so fed up with politicians. TERM LIMITS - they might help. If the Presidents get term limits, so should the Senate and the House. The other thing that the budding pesky political candidates need to take note of is the screwing around with the constitution and the fact that they, the incumbent pesky politicians, seem to be losing respect for what the founding fathers of this (still) great country wanted for us. Oh sure, centuries bring new things and each generation goes through changes and things in some cases, obviously need changing but the respect is no longer there. And yet, there seems to be no end of budding political (pesky?) candidates to have a go. They are so eager and they are all going to change the whole system and Washington – remember the last presidential campaign and all the promises about changing Washington - well hell, it is simply not going to happen and we all have to find a path through it and do as Italy does maybe, they seem to go on their own path (their citizens that is) and leave their Government to its on-going stupidity. I don’t think that our current incumbents are entirely stupid – in fact they are mostly very clever folk and that’s the frustrating part of all of this, they should be a lot better at their jobs than they are. We to, as citizens, have to remember that there is give and take and we can’t have all that we would like. So, to all the budding (pesky) politicians, good luck to you. I hope you all have a tough skin. You’re going to need it.

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That was supposed to be take care out there. That’s what comes of talking to the cat while you are typing.

Cheers, Kate.

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