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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Miss Ginny's Diary March 14th 2010

Meow to you, its me Miss Ginny. It is a nice Saturday morning here in the desert south west. Spring is about to arrive and HM is concerned that we are still here with the very hot summer sun just around the corner. HD says not to worry as we are well likely to be living in a new home before the very hot weather comes upon us. It is quiet here at the moment, thank goodness. We all had bad sleeps last night as the local population was very noisy in the downtown area of the city where we live. Someone ran past our apartment at 3.25am and it shook the building and we all woke up and my sister ShooShoo woke up and growled like crazy. It was not good for HD to wake up at that hour as he has a long working day on a Saturday. I am spending my day with HM as she has to re-sort the packing she has already done. With the warmer weather coming, the spring/summer clothes have to be brought out to air and wash. HM is fussy with her cleaning and laundry. I woke HM up in the night as the police and the police helicopter were chasing some people up and down our street and they had blocked off the local roads and their lights were scary. HM is very good to wake up as she usually just says “what’s up Ginny” and I tell her big stories. She just said that she may fall asleep over the laptop and I was to wake her. She has 3 columns to write today, including mine. We all had some juicy white meat to eat this morning because HD had brought some home from his work and it was such a treat. Even GAD and my cat mom Lapper, stopped fighting long enough to eat peacefully. I don’t think that GAD and Lapper mean to snap at each other it is just that GAD has known us since we were born and when we were baby kittens she used to come and spend hours with us and she still plays with us and I think my cat mom gets a little jealous. Well this is the conclusion that HM and I came to. HM and I are looking at the television and we often look at the Create Channel and a very nice man called Rick Steves is taking us around Ireland in honor of St Patrick’s Day on the 17th March. HM is of Irish heritage and she just said that it would be nice for us to live there. No snakes and green fields and plenty of nice fish to eat. We have family living in Ireland – HD’s sister Lois and her family live in Dublin and we have a cat cousin there to, her name is Callie. I am sitting on top of the refrigerator watching the police on their horses go up the street. HM says that she must get a picture of them before we leave here. They look wonderful and very peaceful walking amongst the traffic. We have police on bicycles here too. They often come past our apartment. HM gets a little worried sometimes when the police are everywhere but HD says that it is better to see them about than not. I am sitting right by the laptop watching HM do my typing. I am brushing her arm with my tail and she says that I am cute and one of her BFF’s. HM was the first person I saw when I opened my eyes enough to understand things about me. I was born alongside her bed pillow and she says that I was the size of her thumb with little sticks for legs and she knew I was going to be a calico cat very early on. I am the third calico cat she has owned. The others were Fifi and Samantha who have both gone to spend time with God (or as HM says – the big G). Well I have to go as HM is taking a break from the work on the laptop. I will talk to you again soon.

Love and many meows to you from me, Miss Ginny.

P.S. This is me, in my favorite blankie.

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