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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hi folks. Well it is a gloomy Sunday afternoon here in the desert south west. I am back into politics in this column – to whit – the upcoming elections and a bunch of observations and thoughts that I have come across lately. So, here is a list of some of these things I have heard from folk from all places and all walks of life:

*I feel that the Democrats and the Republicans have big problems ahead and maybe that is why we will see many new faces in Washington.

* The bitter and stupid nuttiness of Washington DC is crazy.

* I would just like to say that there is a time when an incumbent administration must stop blaming the previous administration for woes and mistakes etc. It is just too boring to continually hear this.

*It seems to me that too many politicians serve masters other than the voting public.

*To many politicians have a total lack of morals.

*I am sure that there are a handful that are dependable and nice but show them to us.

The headline for this column is very important for our future here in our great country. GET OUT AND VOTE – GET REGISTERED. We have the power to change things. Try to get through the platitudes, the myriad of promises you will hear between now and voting day but at the same time listen long and hard to what the folk running for office are saying. One of the interesting things to watch for this year is the Tea Party – they might get a seat or two. Who knows? People are so dissatisfied that this party has come along at the right time and if they get themselves organized with an honest platform or agenda to campaign on, it could be very interesting. My husband and I are independent folk and it is the independent folk out there who could make the greatest impact. I heard someone say just recently that they are so sick of politics, politicians, Washington that they simply can’t be bothered with any of it. Well while I appreciate this sentiment, I say to this person, it is you who has the power to change things. Get out there and vote!! Next week I am going to do my best to ignore the pesky politicians and find something to talk about that will probably bore you to tears!!

Take care folks, be safe and happy. I am off to have my simple supper – poached eggs in chicken gravy poured over some bread and butter.

Until next time, cheers – Kate.

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