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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Miss Ginny's Diary March 7th 2010

Meow to you and I hope you are all okay. I have been sitting in the window watching a lot of strange people down in the street. HM is better and although she is tired she is up and about and writing and studying. She told me that she thought I should eat more than I do and she asked me if I was feeling okay. I am fine – I have never eaten a lot and I like to eat in the night when everyone is asleep and it is peaceful. Sometimes, my sister ShooShoo hears me and she gets up and comes to eat too. HM has several dishes of cat biscuits around the apartment for us and lots of water which is something you have to have if you eat cat biscuits. My sister has gone to sleep (it is the afternoon) on top of the shoes. It cannot be very comfortable but I guess she is okay. Grandma Carrie is trying to get HM to get the afternoon soft food meal. I think she will be successful in this. HM and Grandma Carrie have been together for so long that they understand each other well and know just how far they can go in annoying each other. Well HM says that moving from the desert southwest will likely be delayed and that we have to put up with where we are for a little while longer. If HD can get the transfer to Los Angeles and a better job then I guess that is where we will go. It is not too far away from where we are now. As long as HM doesn’t forget to pack all my toys then I am not worried about anything. I like to play chasing with bits of squashed paper. I chase them all over the tiled floor in the bathroom. My sister does the same thing. We got into trouble in the early hours of the morning today. It was about 2.15am and we got into a great game and a run and we just forgot ourselves and she chased me up and over the big bed and we woke up HD and HM and upset the laundry basket and it spilt over on top of my cat mother, Lapper and oh my. Well we went to bed very quickly after that. I like to sleep at the back of HD’s legs. I think my sister will be in big trouble if she does it again – she does this quite often. The worst one to wake up is Grandma Carrie because she sure does hiss up a storm. Talking of Grandma Carrie, her snoring is really loud at the moment. HM says she snores as loud as HD if he is lying on his back. GAD is talking a lot in her sleep too. Great Aunt Daisy has often done this. HM says that she is the only cat she has ever had that has done this. GAD is the coolest cat. She just goes along at her own pace and listens to HD and HM but does her own thing. She loves HD and likes to cuddle in bed with him. Grandma Carrie has given up trying to get her food and has turned her back on HM. There is an ambulance up the street. We often hear them and I don’t like their noise and ShooShoo hates the fire engines when they go past. We are near an intersection and they always put their sirens on really loud to warn people to keep out of the way so they can get to where they are going quickly. My sister runs under the big bed when she hears them coming. Oh well, maybe in our new home we won’t hear them so much.
Here is this week’s picture. It is my cat mum Lapper. She is pretty and loves to sleep on her back. HD and HM found her running around the streets when she was quite small. She had six babies and my sister and I are lucky to have her with us. She still gives us a lick or two even though we are now grown cats.

Meow to you and if you are able, adopt a cat from a shelter or the SPCA in your area. We cats, aim to please! Bye for now, Miss Ginny.

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