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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Miss Ginny's Diary March 28th 2010

Meow to you. It’s me, Miss Ginny talking to you on a nice Saturday that is not to hot and a light wind is blowing and keeping things cool. If it would stay like this through the summer then HM would love it. She has been cross with us this week because my sister ShooShoo and I have had a few arguments. HM said yesterday that we had to cut the cr--! Now she doesn’t say that very often. Even HD (who was home from work yesterday) said that we were ‘a bit much’. I think that ShooShoo is trying to be the big boss. She is always talking and stalking all of us lately. HD has been calling her the BBS which is short for Big Boss ShooShoo. She has even tried to claim my special space which is on top of the microwave (I am not allowed on it when it is going) and I am fighting back. My sister and I had words yesterday and she caught hold of my ear in her mouth and I cried out and that brought HM and HD into it and ShooShoo was sent under the big bed by HD to cool off. ShooShoo has always played a lot and she plays hard as HM says. Even when she was a tiny tiny kitten, she raced everywhere at top speed. Even GAD has got into the fracas and she chased after ShooShoo and flattened her on the carpet cover sheets. HD went to my sister’s rescue and let her up. GAD is very big and if you are flattened by her then you truly stay flattened. Today all seems quiet as HM just said a few minutes ago. Yesterday we had the off-road racing cars next door to us and HM and HD went and had a look at them. They were very noisy. They come to the desert for their big racing championships and they had a 400 mile race to contest today. Fortunately for us the actual race will be at a place that is far away from us out in the desert. I don’t like noise. I don’t even like people laughing. I like my peace and quiet. HM has been cleaning and packing a few things. I like to follow her around and get into closets and boxes and watch her sorting out what she is keeping and throwing out. We found a whole lot of old cat toys and that was fun. I don’t play with toys a lot. I like to play with HM’s pens. My sister and my cat mom play a lot with the toys. GAD likes plastic bottle tops from the water bottles. She picks them up and takes them into the bath and makes a lot of noise playing with them. GAD is a funny cat. She sits quite quietly and then suddenly, she will go on a bender as HM calls it. She talks a lot to HM when she is cooking in the kitchen or doing the laundry. GAD’s favorite place is the toilet seat. She spends hours there. This is a picture of her on the toilet seat, talking to HM. There are a lot of helicopters overhead today – they are mostly tourist flights to and from the Grand Canyon. We have an airbase not too far from us and sometimes we get the fighter planes overhead to. Oh my, here comes ShooShoo talking like crazy. She is usually asleep in the early afternoon. Everyone else is either asleep or cleaning before going to sleep. I will go and have a nap soon as soon as I have finished telling HM what to write in my diary. HM has put lots of nice food out for us today. We are spoilt. HM just said, ‘yes you are’. She just asked me to finish soon as she wants to have a nap. So I will get along to my pre-nap cleaning and talk to you again soon. Bye for now.

Meow to you from me, Miss Ginny.

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