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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kapact's Rant: "An Empire Ruled By The Majority . . . Ruled By A New Constitution . . ."

Excerpts from the screenplay for "Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith"

"The constitution is in shreds. Amendment after amendment . . . executive directives, sometimes a dozen in one day."

"An empire ruled by the majority . . . Ruled by a new constitution . . ."

"So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause . . ."

Well, not the end of liberty, exactly, yet...

but the Audacity of Obama continues, and it is noteworthy that they have been forced to twist and trample on the legislative process to pass their unconstitutional bill. Why? Because otherwise (through honest, legal means), it would have died. There is no disputing that. Indeed, the process has been mangled and blended, with 'promises' (that, like most of Mister Obama's promises, will not survive the campaign), to alter the nature of the bill by executive order after it is signed into law. The checks and balances, so crucial to the restraining of hyper-government have been manipulated and side-stepped in a desperate push to pass so-called health care reform. The fake smile on Pelosi's face as she actually used the word 'humility' reminded me of a vampire pressing a crucifix into its forehead. We know now (and every poll backs this up) that the Democratic regime has no respect for the wishes of WE THE PEOPLE, but we also know that it has no respect for our intelligence. Humility? Humility? Ms Pelosi, how dare you use the word humility? We don't want this and we can't afford this. And what's more, based on your sagging poll numbers, we feel the same way about you.

I am glad to see that several states' attorney's generals have already stepped up and announced legal challenges. You see, Ms Pelosi and Mister Obama, there is a third branch of our government, specifically set up to deal with power grabs like this monstrosity. It's called the Supreme Court. It's sole purpose is to interpret the Constitution, and to ensure that legal train wrecks like health care reform don't violate the Constitution. And while you have managed to install an admitted racist judge to that court, you don't own it. Yet.

When Mister Obama was elected, I decided to try to give him a chance. I took note of what he did that I liked (rare though that was), and I admitted here that I thought he had some likable qualities. But no more. Mister Obama and his minions have shown that despite their acting abilities, they have no respect for the Constitution, the American People, or the elected offices that they hold. They have no respect for the rule of law or the simple moral code that says keep your promises. Ronald Reagan was a great President for many reasons, but he was unique in that he understood well that the office that he held wasn't a weapon to be used to beat the Constitution with. It is a privilege. An honor. It's not a platform from which to rule over the American People with an iron fist. It's a stewardship. A promise, not to fundamentally change the country, but to protect us and our freedoms and rights and to protect, preserve and defend the Constitution. Someone elected to the presidency is given a sacred trust. They're supposed to respect the office and the people and the terrible terrible price that people have paid to keep us free and safe and strong. They're supposed to respect the incredible hardships and danger and loss that our Founders were subject to in throwing off tyrants and giving us our country. Mister Obama, you don't respect any of that, and you clearly don't respect any of us. And come 2012, you're going to see just how much we respect you.

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