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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Miss Ginny's Diary March 21st 2010

Meow to you from me, Miss Ginny. It is a great day here, nice and sunny. Most of the family is asleep except for HM who is writing and HD who has gone to work. We were up early this morning playing chasing. GAD decided it was all on at about 4.30am. She had been to the dirt box and came out into the main room looking for someone to play with and so ShooShoo decided to join her and I hung over the end of the bed watching them play under and over the chairs. The trouble was that they woke HM and she said what are y’all doing at this hour? GAD and ShooShoo didn’t take any notice of her because they were rolling and biting each other’s ears. ShooShoo plays hard and leaps high and comes down on GAD. GAD doesn’t care because she is a very big cat and doesn’t feel it. She taught us to play because my cat mom Lapper, looked after us but she doesn’t really play that much. She is really HD’s cat and generally goes to sleep once he goes to work and keeps to herself for the most part, until he comes home. We had fish for breakfast and it was nice. HD and HM had tuna for lunch and we got some of that to and that was also nice. We have cat biscuits out all the time so day and night we can eat if we want to. There is a lot of water around for us and HM got an ice bowl out last week as the weather here in the desert southwest is getting warmer and she always has an ice cube bowl out all through the summer months. We should have moved by now but we are delayed. HM is sad about this but as she said, the delay gives her time to pack without getting rushed about it. We have our own cages and each one has a water bowl attached to it. We have our own blankies and I share a cage with ShooShoo. We are small cats and this is how the airline transported us when we flew in from overseas. All the others have their own cages. Except for GAD, everyone has now woken up. Lapper is in the window watching the police cars who have stopped someone for whatever reason and they are searching this man and searching through some plants in the garden of the apartments opposite us. HM says it is just like the television and she doesn’t like all these goings on outside her window. This is the third time this morning that we have had the police on our block. We live in the downtown area of a city and it is just one of those crazy mornings. Oh dear, Grandma Carrie just threw up – a furball. She doesn’t do this very often but as I just said, it is just one of those crazy mornings. She is okay and HM has seen to her needs. HM just said that she is going to have a nap. She is too tired to do her writing right now. Oh dear – there has been a big crash on the NASCAR – HM likes the car racing. That kind of woke her up. Wow – there is one car on top of another car and one of the cars is on fire. Golly me – look at that – was HM’s comment. Well I am going to go and get a drink and I will talk to you again soon.

The photo this week is one HM took of me recently. There are some new photos to go on to the computer and as soon as he gets home, HD will put them on and then I can show you some fun ones of GAD. Meow to you, from me, Miss Ginny.

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