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Monday, March 1, 2010

Miss Ginny's Diary March 1st 2010

Meow to you all – it seems a long time since I talked to you. We have had a few family hiccups as HM likes to say. My human mum got sick. HD had not been well with a virus bug that was going around the valley and when everyone was well, they went and had their H1N1 flu shots and within a week HM had come down with a very bad cold that sent her to bed for over a week. This is so unusual for her as she rarely gets sick and as she told a friend, she had not had a cold for 12 years. Everybody is better now and so HM can type for me. We have all behaved ourselves recently except I guess, for a couple of fights I had with my sister ShooShoo. I like to sit on top of the microwave and have a kip or two (a short sleep) as it is in a good position to see what is going on around the apartment. My sister likes to go there to and she keeps on trying to knock me off the microwave so we do battle. However, HM does not like fighting of any kind and we have gotten ourselves into a little trouble. When HM was in bed with her cold we all piled in and kept her company and she wondered what part of the bed she could have and when HD came home we all had to move around the big bed. It was kind of fun but you have to feel sorry for HD because HM says he is like a big hot water bottle and we all like to pile in next to him cause it is nice and warm. But you know, he loves us and all cats so we get away with a lot. We are careful with him as he is very big on good behaviour. He was not pleased with GC (Grandma Carrie) earlier as she tried to sneak out the door and he ran after her and they got into it quite loudly. This of course, brought HM onto the scene as she does not like the loud noise and neither do I. GC is very belligerent and if you don’t know what that big word means, well it means that GC doesn’t like being told off and thinks she can do anything she wants. I guess when you are nearly 18 cat years of age (162 human years) you can hiss at who you want to, which she does but it is probably not wise to hiss at HD. Oh well they are friends again. HD is at work and GC is sound asleep. Let us hope that ShooShoo leaves her alone. My sister is rather fond of returning hisses at her. HD says my sister is eating too much as she is getting large. This is quite true. I keep my slim line figure by watching what I eat but I am cute and I like the way I am. HM just told me that I am ‘full of it tonight’. I am staring her out for that comment, so she just poked her tongue out at me. That’s not fair- well I don’t think so anyway. We truly like each other and I like to follow her around when she does the housekeeping and keep her company when she is writing. She told me that it may be that we wont shift to the northern prairies. I think she is sad about this but things change and it all depends on HD’s work. It may be that we will go back to California, to Los Angeles. I don’t know this place very well but HM likes it well enough and as long as she is there then that’s fine with me. We shall see.

Each week I am going to include a picture of one of my family. I thought this would be fun. This week it is a picture of GAD (great aunt Daisy) – she plays with us and HM calls her a lovable giant. She is a big cat and has been lonely since she lost her mate couple of years ago. It took her a long time to get over losing our Percy cat. We all miss him very much.

Well it is time to go. A lot of meow’s to you out there. Until next time.

Miss Ginny.

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