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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hello there and I hope you are just fine. The cooking column took a hiatus recently but we are back and up and running. Firstly, today I would just like to make a suggestion, similar to what I have suggested in the past and that is to keep an eye out on the packets and boxes of foodstuffs that you buy, for the test kitchen recipes that are on the packets. They are really very good and for the most part, are not too expensive to make.

In particular today, I would like to tell you about the Little Debbie small cakes and cookies that are abundant here in the United States. They have some of the best recipe suggestions that you can find. If you live in a place or country where you are unable to buy these delicious cakes and cookies, then if you have access to a computer, take a look at their website – Two favorites come to mind. The first is PECAN SPINWHEELS. These are delicious little cakes that are so nice with coffee and the clever people at Little Debbie have made into a Bread Pudding. The second is NUTTY WAFER BARS. These wafers are truly yummy and they have created a recipe for a cheesecake that is truly decadent and excellent. So, do have a look at these cookies and cakes – there is a nice, wide variety and as mentioned and they are not too expensive. The recipes created using their products are really great. (I am not compensated for this by the way, it is a product that my husband and I are particularly fond of).


I have been making variations of this meat roll for many years. I came across the original recipe while living in Toronto, Canada. This loaf is great hot or cold, for sandwiches and useful in salads, school lunches and toasted sandwiches with a piece of cheese added. The amounts given are approximate. Flavorings are yours to experiment with especially in the mashed potatoes and the additions to the ground meat.

-1 x lb of ground meat
-Flavorings as for meatballs are nice and add breadcrumbs and an egg to bind meat.
-6 good sized potatoes boiled and mashed as you like. I like butter, black pepper and cream.
-6 slices of ham

Flatten out the meat to about ½ inch thick, in a rectangle shape on floured foil. Spread with a single layer of ham and then spread with the mashed potatoes – about ¼ inch thick. You can spread ½ inch of potatoes if you think you can roll it without breaking the meat. Take one end of the foil – both sides – and gently roll it around until the roll forms and take both ends of the foil and gently pop it in a large loaf tin and bake in a moderate oven until juices run clear. This is a delicious form of a meatloaf really. It is particularly good the day after baking and as mentioned, makes spectacular sandwiches. Enjoy.

Well I’m off to deal with a tiny cat that has woken up meowing madly – I think she has forgotten where she is. We all had a bad night – to many interruptions with the local police chasing the crazy ones. Until next time, take care and be well.

Cheers, Kate.

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